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Why Romania?

Congratulations for planning a trip to Romania, a beautiful European country – and EU member – located only 3 hours away from London, by plane!

You will LOVE Romania because it’s got (“talent”; just kidding, although it’s true it’s got plenty of it too):

  • something for your eyes. You may call it “50 shades” of green or 1001 nature stories. Romania has got a great natural heritage, wilderness, a diverse scenery – from the Black Sea to the Danube Delta, the fields, hills, waterfalls, caves and the high peaks of the Carpathian mountains. And it’s not only about nature: there are remote, forgotten villages where time runs differently, legendary places or colourful cities full of history and culture. Plenty of sightseeing guaranteed. And Romania is not only diverse, but less explored and ready to be discovered. Check out Travel Channel’s “Wild Carphatia”, featuring Prince Charles, as seeing is believing. Longing for more? Transylvania, a beautiful region of Romania, was awarded the 2016 best travel destination by Lonely Planet – check out this video for details. 107785376.4fDZS8iQ51348286.0Img_3993sighisoara-1114993_1280
  • something for your ears. Romania’s folk music is inspired from the country’s rich traditions and brings back to life, through voices, musical instruments and traditional dances, legends and timeless stories. We’ve got a specific type of ballad called “doina”, a “peasant” song performed by “lautari” bands (lute players). We’ve chosen a modern interpretation of such a ballad, about the restlessness of a female character – personified as a bird and also as a village woman/mother/lover) who is missing her lover or child and is waiting for him in his garden, to hold him in her arms – you may wish to listen to it here. Oh, and did we mention dance?! Could you keep up with this rhythm? Should you join us on a thematic dance tour of Bucharest, our professional coregrapher will teach you how to coordinate your body movements.

If you fancy other musical genres – classical, jazz, Balkanic – simply plug in your headphones and take a musical tour of Romania, perhaps inspired from these suggestions.  Any special requirements for a tailormade musical tour by Story Travels? Just let us know, at, and we’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes.

  • something tasty, to make your mouth water. Or to smell, if on diet. The Romanian cuisine is varied, with Balkanic influences, as well as with plenty regional dishes.  In the Romanian villages, most food is locally sourced, cooked and ejoyed, with meals based on meats, vegetables and fruits, and diaries. Any traditional Romanian meal would include an appetizer, a soup, at least one main dish, a dessert and some drinks. And when Romanians eat, believe us, it’s always a feast, or if you’re on a diet, your “worst nightmare” :).homemade moldavian food ready for a traditional partyhomemade moldavian food ready for a traditional partyEver wondered how our snacks look and taste like? If there is an Eastern European shop in your area, you may be curious to try these products, described in a funny manner in this video. But it’s more fun to come visit Romania with us and let our guides introduce you to our “mood food”.
  • something to touch. If you’re a crafts and DIY lover, Romania is your new source of inspiration and authenticity. Just that you may need some advice from our craftsmen before getting your hands dirty, because there’s plenty to learn about Romania’s traditional arts and crafts and plenty to create from our country’s diverse resources. Story Travels is about discovering the ancient legends behind the carved wood, the woolen carpets and rugs, the various textile embroidery techniques, the decorative pottery, the painted glass or the seasonal crafts – such as Eastern egg dyeing. romanian-village-1514235-1279x127660090183.0Img_22631romania-599422_1920

Want to attend specific arts and crafts workshops whilst in Romania? Just let us know at and we’ll get back to you with suggestions and tailormade tours.

  • something old, something new? No problem, as Romania’s so diverse that can accommodate all your travel desires. Romanian contemporary cinema – the so-called “new wave”, is amongst the best in the world, whilst our contemporary artists’ paintings are amongst the most appreciated. Find out more stories about the old and the new Romania, through our tours.
  • and a bit of funky magic: houses with eyes, Dracula’s castle, a Sphinx on top of a mountain and many other wicked places and stories … mwahahaha 🙂102028946.PcdIaAL8 ochi43195550.0Img_2736 bran OK2sphynx-1291114_1920
  • something for your brain. Story Travels aims to introduce you to the Romanian culture and we’re proud to say that we’ve got food for your brain too. Romania is the country where the fountain pen was invented and we’re ready to write, with you, the greates Story Travels ever. Join us to find out more about some great Romanian inventors, who discovered the insuline or invented the world’s first jet plane. Check out this video for interesting facts about Romania’s famous inventors and inventions:
  • Something to love:  Romania’s wonderful weather. What, 4 distinct seasons?! Yes, that’s right: we’ve got proper summers with plenty of sunshine – not only sunny spells – and proper winters, with magic snowflakes and snow. Furthermore, our springs have wonderful flower blooms and the autumns are filled with plenty of colours to inspire the artist in you.46919898.0Img_6906151199847.0_IMG_399654869477.0Img_46351OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Something for your heart: we know you’re great and want you to meet other great people when on a Story Travels tour in Romania. We want to offer you a memorable experience and stories to share with your family and friends. And because you are special to us, we’re ready to accommodate your wishes. Ever dreamt of gazing at a sky full of stars or run barefoot through a dandelion field? Ever dreamt of tiny magical things that can bring out the story out of a travel experience? Want to bring your travel dreams into reality? Always count on Story Travels!

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