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Story Travels is a London-based young tour operator established by two enthusiast Romanians, Laura and Constantin. We are passionate about travelling, in love with our native country and want to share with you the beauty and cultural richness of Romania.

Story Travels offers authentic Romanian experiences for different tastes, so that you can embark on the adventure that suits you.

Whether your journey is one of discovering the country’s magnificent unexplored scenery, the traditional or urban culture or the people, you can be sure that Story Travels has it all and even more. You will return from the journeys with loads of great memories to treasure, new friends and the hope to return.

Our creative tours offer you the opportunity to relax, explore and try something new, from hands-on experiences to specialized workshops. Immerse yourself in Romania’s grassroots communities and spellbinding nature, or if you prefer a more active adventure, take part in mountain hikes with scenery galore. Depending on your interests, why not also participate in our summer school on social participatory architecture or in a thematic weekend – you will have plenty to experience, from photography to arts to dance, to name but a few.

Story Travels is supported by a trustful network of responsible professionals in Romania, always ready to share their in-depth knowledge of the country’s gems with you. Our partners are the best in their areas of expertise and we are proud to be working with them, thus ensuring that you will take part in a high-quality travel experience.

Check out our selection of individually crafted tours so you can sample the very best of Romania and join us in the discovery of the greatest Story Travels.

Here we are:



Hi, I’m Laura Husti-Radulet: a daydreamer, traveler, music lover and most of the time, the ackward mum who spends more time thinking of Story Travels than doing household chores.

I grew up in Romania, where I fell in love with the nature, the mountains, the hills and the Black Sea. I sometimes scroll through my Romanian friends’ photos of our beautiful country and wish I were in those magical places with them, to enjoy a sunset or to gaze at the stars, to explore the scenery or simply to take in the light, to breathe in the frangrance of the wild flowers and to feel the freedom that only a special place like Romania can innoculate. I also enjoy getting lost in Bucharest and other lively cities full of culture, or walk on old roads in forgotten villages, where I’m trying to discover which restored house is Prince Charles’ one – the Prince of Wales owns several properties in rural Romania and visits our country every year -, or behind which traditional gates will I learn a never-forgotten craft.

I moved to London a few years ago and noticed that ever since I’m here, I love my country even more. I want to share Romania’s beauty with you, and am sure that my country’s wonderful stories will make both of us happy: you – for having discovered magical places, me – for having been the invisible “guide” showing you around.

Let me introduce you to the other members of the team:


Constantin Husti-Radulet, my husband, is passionate about our country’s past and present, and whenever we make new friends, he doesn’t miss the chance to introduce them to our country’s history. Constantin used to be an English teacher in Romania – although I guess he could have been a historian as well – and developed his interest in the foreign languages through interpreting and translation activities as well. Unlike me, he speaks better English, so if you call us and hear an Eastern European accent, don’t worry, that’s how a trip to Romania should begin :).

Constantin prefers a simple lifestyle and enjoys spending his free time in nature. We had an old Wolkswagen Polo back in Romania and used to jump in and just drive on less known roads and we stopped wherever our hearts or eyes felt like it. Unlike in the UK, you can simply park your car by the edge of the road (plenty of tiny car parks) and explore the scenery around. You won’t see too many fenced “public paths” and luckily there is enough “public” land to be explored. We traveled up to the Carpathian mountains or down by the Black Sea and discovered amazing places. You can do this too, through Story Travels. And yes, seeing is believing :).

We couldn’t have boarded onto the Story Travel adventure without the support we have from our beloved daughter, Irina, and the free time that our little son, George, gives us when playing alone or sleeping :).



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